Why Mastering Services Matter

Joe Lowe Music Mastering

Not all beginner or intermediate musicians, producers etc are fully skilled in the mastering processes needed to bring a completed recording to life.

Dazy Productions will improve a tracks sonic output and make it suitable for commercial release and make it sound much better for radio broadcast.

Audio Mastering is where a track's is worked on to improve the overall sound by balancing the overall sound of a mix and optimising playback so that it cuts through on all music systems and devices. Mastering is a bit of a dark art to some and it definitely is not a one size fits all.Depending on the style of composition and the mix it can be heard in various ways and thus by its very nature can be subjective.We don’t recommend using off the shelf plugin mastering like Landr as it is never going to ‘know’ how to get the best out of a track. As ever with this type of thing you can be left very disappointed. Human mastering at least reaches places that automated mastering cannot achieve.

Mastering a full album can help it achieve an overall cohesive balance and create a running order of tracks to enhance what the artist is trying to get across.

Whether it be a ’single’ or album requiring our mastering services, Dazy Productions treats every piece of music a if it were our own. Our ultimate goal is to make you feel completely satisfied with the music masters we delver for your very important project.

To find out more about our mastering services or chat about an idea simply GET IN TOUCH! Click here to message us and we will get back to you.