Audio Mixing Services

Joe Lowe Music Mastering

You have mixed your audio project and you are happy. However somehow it seems a little less impactful than the audio you hear from other people. We have the years of experience in a pro studio setting to turn your audio project into a stunning piece of music, (or any other Audio project such as ebooks).

Years ago when I first started in the music business we’d pay to go in a high tech studio. However great the track we were recording in there it was always not quite the case when you got it home. You’d play it on a car stereo and it would sound nothing like it did in the studio…perhaps the bass and drums sound a bit out of the mix or the singer is a bit duller than it sounded in the studio?

We offer dedicated mixing services. This is an in depth service where we can also clean up files (you’d be surprised how much this can improve the sonic quality of your track) and individual stems. We can remix till you are happy (within reason) and bring out elements you may not have even thought about or known were there.

The overall aim is to give your music a fighting chance in the very competitive music market. We communicate everything we do and leave no stone unturned to help create a track that has a professional sonic feel and mix. This will help give your track depth and width using both traditional techniques and our own in house techniques and development.

Check out the before and after example to see for your self how we can improve a track.

To chat about letting us lose on your track and remixing it for you simple Click here to message us and we will get back to you.

Joe Lowe. Mixing and mastering engineer.